Host: Üsküdar American Academy
Date: October 4, 2013
Address: Özel Üsküdar Amerikan Lisesi
Bağlarbaşi Vakif Sok. No:1 34664 Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90-216-333 11 00
Faks: +90-216-553 18 18
School Location:

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Contact Details: Celale Esra Arslan
Meeting start and finish times: 8:30-15:45
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Mercure Istanbul Altunizade
Ramada Istanbul Asia

L-TEN Meeting Agenda , October 4 , 2013 #uaalten

Registration and Refreshments
Eric Trujillo, ÜAA Headmaster Welcome Speech
ÜAA Campus Tour
Technology Use in Üsküdar American Academy
Short Film & Student Presentation
10:15-10:45 Sharepoint 2013 School Sharing Portal 
Üsküdar American Academy, Birkan Kılıç
Sharepoint 2013 now has new features. You can follow any faculty member as a student or teacher, start a discussion, create a new group, share the documents on skydrive and more. This presentation will introduce you Sharepoint 2013, how we use it and manage it at UAA as a school sharing portal.
10:45-11:00  Coffee Break
11:00-11:45  Choose a discussion1.Noodle Tools 
Robert College, Karen Lindsay
Using Noodle Tools, students engage in a research process that works and is ethical. They can collaborate on projects with other students and archive projects to maintain a portfolio. Teachers can monitor each students’ progress and send feedback from within Noodle Tools, archive completed projects in drop box to show as exemplars to current students. This presentation will outline the basics of using Noodle Tools in high school research.2.Video Feedback: Using Screen-Captures to Maximize Student Performance 
Üsküdar American Academy, Damon Roberts
Ever notice that students don’t read the comments that you write on their assignments and make the same mistakes again and again? Do you ever wish that you could sit down with each of your students and offer them 1-on-1 comments about their work, but you just don’t have the time? This seminar will focus on offering a solution to these problems and more by demonstrating how to use screen capture programs to create videos that can be distributed as alternatives to traditional hand-written comments.3. Advanced Writing Techniques with Tech: Text-to-Speech Necessity, Harzing’s “Publish or Perish”, and Using Microsoft Word More Effectively
İstanbul International Community School, Thomas Johnson
Most people use Microsoft Word for writing letters, resumes, proposals, and more. This presentation will be an in-depth examination about how to effectively use the power of a PC Microsoft Word’s document elements for advanced essay writing. More specifically, it will explore Table of Content management, Advanced Referencing and Citations, and Styles. The presentation will also tour Harzing’s “Publish or Perish” software, which is used to find seminal articles and authors. Finally, it will demonstrate the use of both Free Natural Reader for PC and SPEECH on a Mac for performing text-to-speech functionality.
Mac users will not be able to use most of the functionality demonstrated in this session, unless running Parallels with the PC version of 1) Microsoft Word, 2) Harzing’s “Publish or Perish”, and 3) Free Natural Reader installed.
11:50 – 12:30  iPads in Education 
Bahçeşehir Schools , Burak Gençay , Fatih Karadağlı
Reflection on the use of mobile technologies in education and the experiences of using ipads in Turkey.
12:30- 13:15  Lunch
13:15-14:00  E-Learning: There is Nothing to be Afraid of and Plenty to DiscoverGlobed E-Learning Solutions, Esat Uğurlu
Nowadays all we talk about is 21st Century learning environments, tablets, laptops – basically e-learning in general. In a complex and highly technical world we live in, content and the effective delivery of it in and outside of classrooms is essential. Our presentation will focus on award-winning, research-based online content and platforms (e.g. UNICEF World Education Games, BrainPOP, Oddizzi, Reading A-Z, Sesame Street) and we will explore why millions of teachers and students from around the world make use of these innovative resources. We will also talk about differentiated instruction, global/ digital citizenship, and playful learning.
14:00-14:45  Extend Your Limits with Google Apps
Robert College, Burcu Aybat, Metin Ferhatoğlu, Mehmet Özdemir
Google Apps offers real-time services like collaborating on documents, creating shared calendars, sending emails, and many others. The Google Apps package is free for educational institutions. Schools may create their own Google Apps platform, individualize it, and make it available to as many users as 30,000. At this presentation we will share how Google Apps for education can be used in schools, its advantages, the issues which may be encountered during implementation, and the proposed solutions.
14:45-15:00  Coffee Break
15:00-15:30  Choose a discussion1.Moving into Technology Without Leaving Your School Community Behind
Educational Technology Consultant, Barış Yalçınkaya
In the presentation, the importance of the demographic structure of the employees, expectations, technology integration steps and measurable feedback will be discussed.2.Use of Technology in The Classroom as a Tool for Writing 
Mef Schools, Michael Keepler
My dissertation focused on a school district in Colorado that was using netbooks as a tool for writing. My study was both quantitative and qualitative involving student and teacher interviews and also a survey that was created to monitor interactions between students and their teacher. Results of the study will be discussed with suggestions for a targeted approach to using technology in the classroom.
15:35-15:45  Discussion: What’s next?