Host: Anglo-American School of Sofia
Date: January 18, 2013

  • Contact:

Svetla Stoyanova,[[tel:+359.887.804.770|+359.887.804.770]] for logistics questions (hotels, transportation, etc.)
Linda Dimitrov,[[tel:+359.886.121.266|+359.886.121.266]] for conference information
Skype: aas.sofia1, rtareva; please join both because we will be moving spaces

Agenda building Brainstorm – – This is now closed!
Participants please feel free to add to this list, but do so before the end of December, as the AAS team will make final Agenda decisions at the start of January.

  • What does integration look like at your school?
  • Ideas for collaborative projects
    • Google Apps for collaboration
    • power of scripting in Google forms
  • Teacher exchange – sharing successful projects
  • Starting a robotics program
  • Early years integration: platforms, hardware,software, etc,
  • Speedgeeking: Gr2-Purplemash & Voicethread, Gr3-Google Presentations, Gr4-Edmodo, Gr5-Google Docs & Glogster
  • Gamification
  • Twitter and PLNs
  • iPads in the classroom
  • How does your school assess technology skills/competencies?
  • Using SMART software and/or other interactive technology platforms in content-area high school classes (especially history, math, and language), with emphasis on students using the software
  • Ways that technology can be used to supplement classwork at home (i.e. class blogs, resources and file-sharing, etc)


Skype IDs: aas.sofia1 & aas.sofia2

When What Where
8:30 Registration, Coffee, Snacks Cafeteria
9:00 Meeting Opening and Introductions – Jim Urquhart (Director AAS) &
Tom Johnson (founder of LTEN)
Housekeeping: smoking area, toilets, discussion locations, #LTEN, Twitter wall, Parking Lot wall- Linda
9:30 Speedgeeking I

  1. Purplemash
  2. Glogster
  3. Google Presentations
  4. Socrative
  5. Alice 3D Environment
10:10 Speedgeeking II

  1. Edmodo
  2. Google Docs
  3. Voicethread
  4. Game Design with Construct 2
  5. Twitter as a PLN tool – links shared for Twitter
10:40 coffee break – video ?
11:00 firm Tour of School (split into ES, US & Tech folks) followed by
Collaboration Ideas & Networking (perhaps for existing or future projects)
ES Lab, Multipurpose Room, Library Room
12:15 Lunch – answers to questions on walls
13:00 – 13:45 Choose a Discussion:
~ (Shary in Library Room F119) Assessing Tech Skills
~ (Betsy in MSHS Lab) Hooked on programming – getting students hooked via robotics, game design or animation
~ (Linda in Community room F218) PLN – building your own and dipping into the river of information without drowning
~(Sasho in Multipurpose Room F105) How you integrate technology. Connecting classrooms – opportunities to work together.
13:55 – 14:40 Choose a Discussion:
~ (Betsy in MS HS Lab F1) Digital Portfolios, Blogs & Student Web Presence
~ (AAS Pilots in Library Room F119) iPads in the Classroom
~ (Ralitsa, Tom & Allison in Community Room F218) Collaborating with Google Apps: Lenze in Multipurpose Room F105) Using SMART software and/or other interactive technology platforms in content-area high school classes (especially history, math, and language), with emphasis on students using the software
14:40 Coffee Break – Video
15:00 LTEN Edmodo Demonstration & information about future LTEN events – Tom Johnson
Reflection and get to know one another time (project networking could continue here)
16:00 Teacher Buses leaving

1.Tom Johnson – Technology Integrator | Learning Coach – Istanbul International Community School, Turkey
2.Linda Dimitrov – ICT Manager, AAS Sofia
3.Ralitsa Tareva – Elementary ICT Teacher | Designer, AAS Sofia
4.Betsy MacDonald – MS HS ICT Teacher & Integration Coach, AAS Sofia
5.Kelly Blackwell – K-12 Librarian, AAS Sofia
6.Elena Deneva – ESL Teacher, AAS Sofia
7.Brycen Davis – Technology Integrator | Learning Coach – Istanbul International Community School, Turkey
8.Bahadır YILDIZ – Hisar School (Skype)
9.Dilara VARDAR – Hisar School (Skype)
10.Shary Lyssy Marshall – Director of Teaching and Learning, AAS Sofia
11.Edgar Miranda – Elementary Principal, AAS Sofia
12.Lee Ann Griffin – MS HS Principal, AAS Sofia
13.Pei Pei Liu – Professional Development Coordinator, American College of Sofia
14.Roumyana Ivanova, ESL Department Chair, ACS
15.Maria Veleva, Spanish teacher, ACS
16.Irena Kounin, Spanish teacher and Foreign Language Department Chair, ACS
17.Kremona Pavlova, German teacher, ACS
18.Tsvetanka Popova, German teacher, ACS
19.Iliyana Serafimova, Mathematics teacher, ACS
20.Hristo Hristov, Mathematics teacher, ACS
21.Eric Lenze, History and Geography teacher, ACS
22.John McKeown, MEF, Turkey
23.Hale Barry, MEF, Turkey
24.Rossitsa Anastassova – MS HS Bulgarian Language teacher, AAS Sofia
25.Dola Kay – Registrar, AAS Sofia
26.Laura Giosh-Markov – AAS Sofia- Elementary Counselor, Gr. 6 Personal and Social Health Education
27.Krasimira Kodzhabasheva- Assistant to MS HS Principal, AAS Sofia
28.Jennifer Wolf – Grade 2 Teacher, AAS Sofia
29.Temenuga Koleva, ICT Coordinator/IT and physics teacher, International School UWEKIND
30.Aglika Damaskova, Director of Teaching and Learning/primary teacher, International School UWEKIND
31.Kiril Mitov – ELSYS
32.Kirilka Stankova – Hristo Botev School – English teacher
33.Alexander Angelov – Sirma Media group
34.Daniela Severinova – St. George’s School – CEO, IT
35.Borislav Lazarov -St. George’s School – Mathematics
36.Yoana Benevreshka – St. George’s School – Music
37.Mihail Nenov – St. George’s School – Bulgarian Language
38.Emilia Manolova -St. George’s School – School Headmistress
39.French School
40. French School
41. German School
42. German School
43. Lourdes Friend – American English Academy
44. Tausha Prince, executive director – American English Academy
45. Milena Dimitrova – Bright Care
46. Vitalina Samoilenko- Bright Care
47. Mark Reynolds, HS IB Bus.&Mgmt/History, AAS Sofia
48. Rositsa Ivanova, Managing Director, ABC Kinder Care
49.Martin Krondev, ABC Kinder Care
50. Vesela Vasileva, ABC KInder Care
51. Alexander Angelov – Sirma Media Jsc; Business Development Manager
52. Iglika Angelova – KAIT Expert; Founder
53. Cathy De Coster- Grade 2 Teacher AAS
54. Allison Mollica, USA (Skype) – Google Certified Trainer & Instructional Technology Training Specialist
55. Daniela Andreeva – Systems Operator and DB specialist, AAS Sofia
56. Diane Holloway: MS Science Teacher Anglo American School of Sofia
57. Chris Bresser – DB Specialist, AAS Sofia.
58. Carolina Conde – MS HS Spanish Teacher & Yearbook Instructor
59. Simona Tcharaktchieva – Corporate social responsibility, Vivacom
60. Marianne Brooks, KG Teacher, AAS
61. Irina Alexander, IB Biology, Meridian 22
62. Svetla Stoyanova, AAS, Communications, marketing, PR
63. Irena Alexandar, IB Biology, Bulgarian Ministry of Ed. Biology, Meridian 22
64. Galina Grancharova, ES and MS French Teacher, AAS
65. Burcu Aybat, Metin Ferhatoglu – American Robert College (skype)
66. Daniela Genova, 192 School “Hristo Botev”, grades 1-12
67. American English Academy (high school teacher)
68. Diane Nations grade 6 Math/Science AAS
69. Roza Evrova – HS English, 144 SOU
70. Snezhana Stancheva – HS English, 144 SOU
71. Blagovesna Yovkova – Speech Therapy, Deaf School
72. Mariela Naydenova – MS/HS Math & IT Teacher, Deaf School
73. Irena Raykova – English, 83 OU, Pancharevo