Host: Hisar School

Date: October 5th 2012

  • School Location: Please see the link below
  • Contact details: Melis Roberts
  • Map of School with directions to room for meeting:
  • Recommendations for out-of-towners:
    We work with Central Palace Hotel for our guests. Please see link for reservation and details:
  • Meeting start and finish times: 8:30-15:10
8:30 Registration and Snacks
  • Video
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Details about Hisar School
9:15 Tour of school
9:45 Discussion 1 –
Digital Citizenship (Claire Wachowiak and Brycen Davis IICS)
This could be about keeping students safe online, grade level appropriateness, how other schools are 
handling this, getting parents involved…
10:30 Coffee Break
10:40 Discussion 2 – Advantages of Social Networks for Professionals (Claire Wachowiak IICS)This discussion could focus on the benefits of staying connected as professionals, giving and getting ideas regarding

tech and education, asking questions… maybe setting up a Facebook page or Twitter hashtag…

11:30 Coffee Break – Video “Education 2.0” – A video that meshes the ideas of
Ken Robinson, Don Tapscott, and Jim Slotta into a conversation about learning, and how and why
the learning model is changing in the 21st Century.
11:40 Discussion 3 –
Student Tech Crews – Metin Ferhatoglu and Erica Hoffman (Robert College)
12:20 Lunch
13:15 Discussion 4 –
Edmodo Setup and instruction – Brentson Ramsey – David Mearns – Caroline Lewicky and Tom Johnson
This can be a platform for us to collaborate, collect resources, and share with students and peers.
It has an intuitive feel, like Facebook, but with limited abilities (No chatting or walls) that teachers would 
probably agree is best practice for some classrooms.
14:00 Coffee Break-Video
14:15 Discussion 5 – Tom Johnson

  • What next? Next Meeting
  • Are there loose ends?
15:00 Reflection and/or get to know one another time
15:15 Teacher Buses leaving

Tom Johnson (IICS)
Brycen Davis (IICS)
Caroline Lewicky (IICS)
Amanda Bond (IICS)
Erhan Toksoz (IICS)
Claire Wachowiak(IICS)
Jennifer Gokmen (IICS)
Brian Underdown (IICS)
George Duvoisin (FMV)
Metin Ferhatoglu (Robert College)
Burcu Aybat (Robert College)
Erica Hoffman (Robert College)
Ayşe Yüksel (Robert College)
Karen Lindsay (Robert College)
İrem Uzunhasanoğlu (Robert College)
Şebnem İtil (Robert College)
Emre Fırat (Robert College)
Koray Demirkapı (Robert College)
Aydemir Doğan (Robert College)
David Cousens (The Koç School)
Elif Kara Öztürk (The Koc School)
Celale Esra Arslan (Üsküdar American Academy)
Matt Herman (UAA)
Allison Kifer (UAA)
Cara Keyman (ENKA)
Bahadır Yıldız ( Hisar)
Gülçin Doğramacı (Hisar)
Melis Roberts (Hisar)
Dilara Vardar (Hisar)
David Mearns (Hisar)
Brentson Ramsey (Hisar)
Gökhan ERİŞ (Darussafaka Educational Institutions)
Ralitsa Tareva (Sofia-via Skype)
Berna Hamarat Kaya (FMV)
Cetin Artan (ENKA)
Elif Börekçioğlu (ENKA)
Erdal Özkul (ENKA)
Atakan Aydın (Üsküdar American Academy)
Fatma Candan Asal (FMV)
İ. Süha Hayal (FMV)
Yücel Vapur (FMV)
M. Cem Demirhan (FMV)
David Cardenas (Hisar)
Ayfer Yeniçağ (Hisar)
Emily Brouwer (Hisar)